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The wedding is round the corner and you’re still left with the most important part i.e. the wedding dress? If yes, get your heart pumping because it’s going to be the most wonderful day when you select your wedding dress. Keep in mind, one wrong choice and your mind will swirl in the doubts of whether it’s actually looking good or not while your groom and family will be busy enjoying the wedding! Not exaggerating but this indeed is second most difficult choice a woman faces after making the choice of her groom.





To make this shopping & hopping process fun for you, we’ve assembled a list of points you ought to follow if you want to make the wedding day to be the best one.





Point 1: Judge your mood!





Women=Mood swings. Wedding time is that one interval when you’ll have to go procuring literally daily and you’ll get dead tired of it. Mind this fact, if you feel your mood isn’t up to the mark or you don’t feel like dancing on the name of buying a wedding dress, abandon shopping plan immediately before someone forces you to go. Such mood will never let your brain make the best choice, instead, it’ll insist you on buying some dress that partially appeals to you because you’re already so fed-up of shopping.





Point 2: Make google do the job





Before you step out of the house clueless in search of the best market, best shop, best design and best price, take a break and let google figure out for you what your destination should be. Have outlets shortlisted so you don’t have to waste timing hopping from shop to shop.





Point 3: Set budget constraints





Unless you have an idea of how far you can go, you can’t shop. Plan in advance what amount you are ready to spend over a dress and then don’t see any dress that has a price greater than the made the decision limit. It will only make you feel bad and frustrated.





Point 4: Shortlist outfits on the basis of some comfort factors





The timings/season of wedding would decide what fabric you should purchase. Make sure you purchase something that allows your movement and doesn’t make you turn a statue on wedding day. Select an outfit which makes you feel comfortable. You may find hundreds of styles that you’ve never worn but would want to try on the wedding day. I would suggest you to go with something that doesn’t deviate much from what you’re comfortable wearing so you don’t feel conscious on the Wedding Accessories day. Keep in mind the venue and the colours used in venue. Distinction your dress according to venue ambience so as to have prettiness at its peak.





Point 5: Check out future usage of that dress





It’s really easy to purchase anything really expensive in the midst of wedding excitement but this often turns up as a regret later when the dress keeps on lying in a trunk because you are unable to wear it on any other situation except if you wish to marry again (or maybe you’ll want a new dress that time too!).





Point 7: Don’t stick to just one





If you like a dress, keep it under consideration but don’t just stop at that very dress. You might find something else in some other store that might ring the bell in your mind even louder. Have patience honey, the best is usually not found in the beginning.





Point 8: Own it!





If you’ve made up your mind on one dress and that dress makes you feel happy every time you see it, purchase it. Ensure that matching accessories are easily and timely available (girlie concerns).





Voila! You go Girl. One step done, now the wedding. Look the prettiest on your best day and we hope that you look no less that a shining bright star on ground. Walk with pride for you’re the most beautiful girl in that most beautiful outfit.





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